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Managing My Blood Sugar with Glucerna

This post is sponsored by Glucerna but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

As a pre-diabetic, managing my blood sugar is always a high priority. When I first tried to lower my blood sugar, I would try to skip meals because I thought that was the only way that I could control it. After skipping some meals over a couple of weeks, I noticed that I was feeling weak and lethargic which was definitely no fun. I began thinking “What can I do to maintain my blood sugar that won’t affect my energy levels throughout the day?” Here are some tips I learned that have helped me on my journey to managing my blood sugar.



I never really knew that there were drinks out there that could help manage hunger. Glucerna shakes accomplish this by having Carbsteady unique blends which are slowly digestible carbohydrates designed to help minimize blood sugar spikes. Even though pre-made shakes weren’t normally something I am geared to, I wanted to give this option a try.

I went on a trip to Walmart and that’s when my journey with Glucerna began.



The first time I tried Glucerna (Strawberry flavor) I placed it in the fridge like the directions on the bottle suggested and I was surprised…in a good way. I initially thought that the flavor wouldn’t taste that good, but it actually did. It tasted fruity with a good strawberry flavor.



If it could taste this good just out of the bottle, I figured I could add in some extra healthy fruits to make it that much better. So, I tried making a strawberry watermelon smoothie that is a perfect substitution for any meal… in my case I really loved it as a meal substitution for breakfast.

My life is busy so being able to have Glucerna is very beneficial. The perfect drink to help manage hunger and blood sugar while on the go.

Recipe: (While this recipe works well for me and my diet, please speak with your health care provider if you are pre-diabetic or have diabetes for a meal plan that works for you)



Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie  (1 serving)

1/2 cup of ice

1 8oz Strawberry Glucerna Shake

1 cup of diced watermelon

Prep Time 

5 minutes


  1. Combine ingredients in a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth. (Or however, you like your smoothies)
  3. Pour into a glass and enjoy.

Glucerna and the recipe I provided worked for me, but I recommend working with your healthcare provider to provide with a meal plan that works for you.


I used to be very active when I was younger and as life got busier my physical activity decreased. After my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic, I wanted to be more active in a way that made me want to exercise.  And why not bring Glucerna along for the ride!

Here is what my exercise routine will consist of during the week:

  • Bike riding
  • Walking
  • Yoga



I started little by little and it has already had benefits both inside and out. Taking it one day at a time is the best way I feel like I can approach this journey as a pre-diabetic. 

Incorporating Glucerna into my daily routine and being more active have already made an impact on my life. I have that much-needed energy that lasts for longer periods of time and it really helps manage my hunger. The best part is that I finally feel confident that I can do this! Managing my blood sugar is no longer something I’m scared of accomplishing and THAT is truly amazing.


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