Hello, welcome to our blog Perfectly Perez!

We are a family who loves new adventures, fun, and meeting new people. Our blog loves to cater to YOU and focuses on bringing you the LATEST gossip and reviews on new/upcoming/ and current shows, upcoming author book releases and reveals, new movies, and product reviews. Don’t be afraid to interact with us on our blog or any of our social media accounts! We love and want to hear from YOU!

Meet the Perfectly Perez fam!



Hello, I’m Siobhain and I am one of the co-founders of Perfectly Perez. I currently live in the beautiful city of San Antonio. I love to incorporate my passions into this blog and  pride myself in always being honest in my opinions, reviews, and suggestions. I am a movie, TV, and book lover. Yes, I watch too much Arrow, Chicago PD, Lucifer, and don’t miss TGIT. Don’t even try and stop me from watching 😉 I love getting swept up in a new book and re-reading some of my faves. I am a romantic and love anything with a happy ending, but give me a cliffhanger and I will wait for more. I always believe in giving every movie, show, and book a chance. Sometimes, a show catches my attention in the first episode and other times it may take a whole season. This happens with movies and books, as well. This is why I always believe in giving every movie, show, and book a chance. Writing about these specific topics gives me so much joy and I enjoy interacting with fans from all of the world. Come on this journey with me, and I promise to make it worth it!



Hey, I’m Nicole. I am also a co-founder of Perfectly Perez. I reside in San Antonio, Texas with my perfectly amazing family! I love being apart of this blog with my family and contributing. I am a movie and music nerd. My taste is definitely eclectic. I love getting lost in a song. Music is universal and you will always find me listening to something new. Some days I want to hear a Luther Van Dross song, while going down memory lane and fangirling over a JoJo song. Other days, I need to be listening to Big Sean with a side of Drake and Kehlani with some Sia and X Ambassadors for dessert. Now, movies are another must have in my life. I will always appreciate a Disney movie, anything Liam Neeson is in, and who could forget G Baby in Hardball. I will always give honest opinions because I’m not into being fake. Catch me outside just kidding..Catch me on the blog for everything about music, movies, and product news and reviews.



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