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TV Review: Pitch

3 strikes. You’re out..Out of reasons to look for your new favorite show. Pitch will have you hooked within the first 5 minutes. Ginny Baker is a name you won’t be able to forget.

Breaking News: Pitch is our new favorite show on TV. 

Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury) is an athlete who has the opportunity to be a pitcher for the San Diego Padres. She has worked hard for this like any other athlete (not only female) in the game. The media are totally supportive having mixed feelings. The males think she is there to look pretty and only a few KNOW that she can make it and succeed. With success comes haters, but it is refreshing to see there are people who are supporting her. Elliot (Tim Jo) is her social media manager and will be Team Ginny even though he was denied by the headphones 😉  Amelia Slater (Ali Larter) is her agent and won’t let anyone tear down her girl. And Amelia had some of the best one liners of the night.  She’s also got Blip (Mo McRae). They grew up blawing ball together when they were in San Antonio and is now her teammate She grew up in Tarboro, North Carolina and her biggest supporter is her dad Bill played by the incredibly talented Michael Beach. When his kids were younger, he was looking to teach his son WIllie how to pitch and instead found his pitcher in his daughter. Bill plays the role of dad and coach. As a dad he is supportive and continues to instill in Ginny that she can achieve every goal she sets for herself. As a coach, he holds nothing back. He tells her that she probably won’t have a strong enough arm to make in the majors. “A girl will never be able to throw hard enough to comepete with boys not as they start growing. It’s biology and we can’t change that”- Bill Baker. He doesn’t tell her she can’t, he tells her the truth as a COACH. She needs a secret weapon.. the SCREWBALL. It’s not always about pitching the fastest or hitting the hardest, but on about skill and precision. Ginny has got girls and women of all ages rooting for her and is an instant role model. That can definitely add pressure, but if anyone can do it it’s Ginny.

Ginny has got fire, spunk, and dedication. She knows the real reason why she was called up and is ready for anything from her teammates. She won’t be pushed around. No matter how confident someone is, no one is susceptible to insecurities. Is she good enough? I think that is a question that is always running through her head. As former athletes, we understand the doubt she has. We loved the scene where she has a bad first game and has a conversation with her dad. She blames her father for pushing her and making her this great. When you are down or have a bad game, it’s easy to put the blame on someone else. We can all relate to this. We also enjoy the relationship between Lawson (MPG) and Ginny. Even though he does not lack in the sarcasm department, he treats her as another teammate. Yes he is an ass slapper, but he does it to every teammate. He likes to push his teammates and Ginny won’t back down; not even for a young DiCaprio.

It’s sometimes crazy to imagine a woman making it in a male sport. Not because we don’t believe they can make it, but because others continue to think a woman can’t be as great as a male in a sport. This show is NECESSARY in a world today where we are still fighitng for equality. In just about every sport, females and males are split up into their own leagues, associations, and tournaments. Why? There is the misconception that women don’t know what they are signing up for. While there are some sports that are more dangerous, what makes people think a woman can’t handle it? I think this show will break boundaries in the sports world and every day life. Ginny will be an inspiration to people and athletes around the world, not just because she is a woman, but because of the hard work and dedication she puts in to succeed. We all can find a little of Ginny in ourselves and all “can do it when we have to”.

After watching Pitch you won’t be asking if girls play with the boys, you’ll be asking can the boys keep up?

Pitch Season Premiere gets an A+





Have no fear song

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Our Favorite Moments from Lucifer Season 2 Premiere

Lucifer sure opened season 2 with a HELL of an episode!

We were so excited that one of our favorite shows was back last night (September 19). We had so many favorite moments, but narrowed it down to five.

  • Lucifer and Dr. Linda convos

Lucifer goes to see Linda and tells him about his mother’s return to earth. He doesn’t know why she has returned. He blames everyone for the things that are happening in his life and isn’t taking some part of the blame. Their talks are always full of sass, truth, and even some learning. These convos are always the best.

  • Ella Lopez



Aimee Garcia is a newcomer to the show and we already love her. Right now, she and Trixie are tied for our favorite characters of the show. Side note: Wouldn’t Trixie and Ella make the best of friends?? Anyway, we loved that Ella added so much spunk to the show. She believes in her faith, but is open to having doubts. Her first conversation with Lucifer was hilarious, but can’t wait to see more scenes. Ella is interesting and definitely think she got Lucifer’s attention. Will she be the first one to believe that Lucifer is really the devil?

  • Maze is back

Maze is back in town and just in time to protet Lucifer. And she got to have a little fun with another victim (Otis). She is struggling with finding what her purpose is and continues to seek help from Dr. Linda. You go  girl!!

  • Lucifer’s reaction to almost hooking up with his mom.


Lucifer is on the hunt to find Mama Morningstar. He thinks he’s found her in an actress that is close to the case he and Chloe are trying to solve in the murder of a stand in actress. Amy Dods (Jessica Sula) threw herself at Lucifer when he went to her trailer telling her that he knew who she really was. So, he almost made out with his mom. AWKWARD. Good thing it really wasn’t Mama Morningstar. But, she did make an appearance at the end of the episode. Can’t wait to see Tricia Helfer throughout the season

  • Lucifer stun gun moment with crazy Bobby B

Lucifer solved the case. What else is new right? But, Chloe figured it out too!  He went to Roberta Beliard (Rusty Schwimmer) house with all her pink flamingos. He confronted her for being the murderer aka Bobby B. Lucifer dared her to take a swing at him, not knowing that Chloe was knocking on the door.


He was about to die..for real.. and then Chloe stun gunned her before she had her chance. Instead of being thankful to still be alive. Lucifer had a little payback. He made sure Bobby B felt that stun gun a second time. Oh Lucifer! Always trying to have the last word..or stun.


We give the season premiere an A+ and can’t wait to see the rest of the season. Yes, we have to wait 2 weeks for another episode but it’s totally worth it. Make sure to tune in Mondays at 9/8C on Fox!

-Perfectly Perez

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The “Fifty Shades Darker” Trailer is Here

It’s time to slip into something a shade darker

The trailer to the much anticipated sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey is here and let’s just say you will be hoping it’s Valentine’s Day already. Check out the HD trailer now:


And shout out to Miguel for that super sexy version of “Crazy In Love”!!

-Perfectly Perez

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TV Review: Superstore

NBC’s “Superstore” is our new OBSESSION. The comedic genius and diversity of a hilarious cast and crew will make you a fan of the show and will have you wishing you had a Cloud 9 superstore in your city. 

Description from NBC:

America Ferrera (“Ugly Betty”) and Ben Feldman (“Mad Men,” “A to Z”) star on the hilarious workplace comedy “Superstore” about a unique family of employees at a supersized megastore. “Superstore” centers around Amy (Ferrera), the store’s most stalwart employee as well as the glue holding the place together, and newly hired Jonah (Feldman), a dreamer determined to prove work doesn’t have to be boring. Their fellow associates include the sardonic Garrett (Colton Dunn, “Key & Peele”), the ambitious Mateo (Nico Santos, “Mulaney”) and the sweet teenager, Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom, “Shameless”). Overseeing the store is Glenn (Mark McKinney, “The Kids in the Hall”), the store’s affable, clueless store manager, and Dina (Lauren Ash, “Super Fun Night”), the aggressive assistant manager who enforces Cloud 9 policy with an iron fist.

From the bright-eyed newbies and the seen-it-all veterans to the clueless seasonal hires and the in-it-for-life managers, together they hilariously tackle the day-to-day grind of rabid bargain hunters, riot-causing sales and nap-worthy training sessions. “Superstore” was created and written by Justin Spitzer (“The Office”), who also serves as an executive producer with director Ruben Fleischer (“Gangster Squad”), David Bernad (“Enlightened”) and Gabe Miller & Jonathan Green (“The Office”).



We have fallen in love with Superstore. It has such a talented cast, the writing is genius, and the show has so much diversity. Being from a Hispanic background it is so inspirng to see this cast.  This show is NECESSARY epsecially in a world where we live with people who are still apprehensive to diversity. America Ferrera is a true inspiration to us and many around the world. And so is the entire cast. Yes, it is true. People from diverent ethnic backgrounds can work together and actually get along. The writers of the show are serisouly amazing. They bring up topics that most are afraid to talk about including race, religion, educational backgrounds, and financial struggles. We love that the show started off introducing Ben Feldman’s character Jonah as a college graduate. He comes off to some employees, especially Amy, as a now it all.

kristen wiig surprised no way snl

Just becuase he went or graduated college doesn’t automatically make him the boss. He has to start from the botton, but is determined to show everyone that he can put in the hard work. The show hasn’t gone into his financial background, but Amy shows how not everyone has the money to attend college no matter how smart you are. Everyone has a different background and it is necessary to have a show like this on TV. Superstore is a 30 minute comdey on NBC and it will have you laughing from beginning to end. There is not one member of the cast who doesn’t belong on the show. Mateo (Nico Santos) likes to be in charge and no one is getting in his way. Amy (America Ferrera) is “the responsible one” who is always on time haha. She likes things to run smoothly, but don’t think she doesn’t know how to let loose and have a good time. Glenn (Mark McKinney) is the boss we wish we had. He is nice and worries about his employees and their feelings, but don’t push his buttons especially on “Sturgess &Sons” or you will see another side of him. Jonah (Ben Feldman) is the fun guy who is always looking to make the workplace a place people can actually enjoy. He is a great test taker and knows how to make an impression. Garrett (Colton Dunn) has the most work flirts in the store and probably the wise one in the group. He embraces his disability and always has good advice like “Carry a box so it looks like you’re doing something”. Dina (Lauren Ash) likes to be in charge. She isn’t afraid to be herself and knows just about every song. Some might call her the human jukebox, but has never heard of Michael Jackson. 😉 Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom) is a free spirit who sometimes acts before she thinks about it. And let’s not forget that she will be taking over the gymnastics world in Tokyo 2020.



The “Superstore Olympics special” premiered last week and it was one of our favorite episodes. We noticed many “haters” live tweeting that they didn’t even laugh once. We literally watch this show with our family and friends every episode and ALL of us are laughing. Some like to make this a race issue and say that this show was only made for Hispanics or Latinos to enjoy. We think this is completely absurd. Major props to the cast, especially Lauren Ash, for calling out haters of the show. Comedy  and making people laugh isn’t based on gender or race. We feel sorry for those who don’t appreciate this show. Thank you to everyone involved in making this show. You have us laughing non stop and always bring a smile to our faceswith every episode. If you haven’t seen Superstore, we strongly enccourage you to watch before the season 2 premiere on September 22, 2016. You can thank us later!

-Perfectly Perez

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Kim Kardashian Snapchat’s Proof That Taylor Swift Knew About “Famous” Lyrics

Seems like Taylor Swift has some “Bad Blood’ with more than a few people!

Taylor Swift took to Twitter to respond to Kim Kardashian West’s snapchat video. Read her statement below:

In the video, you can clearly hear her okay the song. It’s not like Kanye would throw out the lyric even if she didn’t approve, but at least he had the RESPECT to call.

In Kim’s snapchat video, he says, “I don’t wanna do rap that makes people feel bad”. Taylor even went on to say it was a compliment about the lyrics written about her. She even thanked him for calling and telling her about it. Does Taylor always tell her exes that she is writing about them? Probably NOT! I mean she was always preparing for what to say when asked about the lyrics saying, “If people ask me about it, I think it would be great for me to tell them that he called me and told me about it”.

Do you think she is just mad because she got caught? Who’s side are you on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

-Perfectly Perez

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New Music: “If I Was Your Man” Nick Cannon feat. Jeremih

Nick Cannon keeps coming with some new music. Whether you are a fan of his music or not, you can’t deny that his lyrics are always honest.

For all those who are loving the rumors about Nick and Chilli from TLC dating, I think there is a part of the song you will appreciate.

Listen to his latest track”If I Was Your Man” here:

-Perfectly Perez

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“Starving” by Hailee Steinfeld & Grey feat. Zedd is Out Now

Hailee Steinfeld + Grey + Zedd = Collab of the summer

“I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you” -Hailee Steinfeld

“Starving” has everything you want in a song: great lyrics, sick beat, awesome vocals, and awesome producers! Zedd & Grey are producer geniuses. They always put their personal style on a track and make the song that much better. Hailee Steinfeld vocal, of course, are flawless and edgy. This collaboration is perfect !

Listen here:

-Perfectly Perez