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TV Recap: ‘The Arrangement’ Season 1, Episode 2 ‘The Ex’


In case you missed what happened in episode one, we’ll remind you. Megan Morrison was living a normal day until she found out her douche of a boyfriend was cheating on her. But she landed a huge movie role alongside the extremely talented and HOT Kyle West. And we can’t forget the marriage contract. Now, Megan is ready for the wild ride..yes we mean Kyle 😉

In this week’s episode, Megan and Kyle are getting prepared for a film festival in Venice (IL Festival Del Film Di Venezia). Packing and getting ready for a trip is hard. So, Megan needed one thing that will relax her. If you guessed some hot and steamy sex with Kyle, you are correct! She’s ready for round 2 when she is introduced to Ben..while she’s naked. Awkward? YEP!!

Megan is a little nervous about getting everything, like a jaw dropping dress, for this trip. But not to worry. Ben is handling everything. Definitely thinking a raise is in Ben’s future!

Deann meets Terence at IHM (The Institute of the Higher Mind). Side note: Does anyone else feel creeped out by Terence?? Anyways, Deann is trying to convince her creepy beau to stay home and not go on the trip to Venice. What will he decide?

Megan is living the glamorous life and trying on dresses. She has found the one. Megan is comfortable in her own skin and loves an edgy style. So, she wants to add a slit in the middle. Kyle’s stylist tells her that all looks are pre-approved. We’re like

Image result for really gif

But then Miss everything is needs to be pre-approved Kyle’s stylist pulls out an $80,000 necklace. Yes, we said $80,000! Okay we are on good terms with her again. Everyone is having a fantastical time and the douche decides to dramatically storm into her house. He is upset that she is with Kyle and tells Megan his whole opinion on the situation. Does he really think they still had a chance? The stupid fool even tried to blame the breakup and his cheating on Megan. We wanted to just slap him in the face, let him wake up, and slap him in the face again. GIRL CODE! Meanwhile,  Hope and Ingrid have the greatest seat in the house watching all the madness go down. The only thing missing was the popcorn.

Megan ain’t got time to worry about Nick because girl is going to Venice. It is the day they leave for Venice and Kyle and Megan will be Michael and Elizabeth Connor for their trip. We’re like really…you had to give her the name Elizabeth. Sounds a little similar to Lisbeth. SHADY but we love the drama 🙂

Terence shocked us all because he decided not to go. He tells Megan that he knows this trip and everything that comes with dating a Hollywood movie star is a lot to take in, but she needs to make a commitment and be mindful of that. Terence is past the level on INTENSE. Intense don’t even want to deal with him. Anyone else feel like Terence is too protective or loves Kyle a little too much??

Kyle is premiering his movie AWOL at the festival. Megan is in a stunning blue gown and Kyle is looking scrumptious in a tux. Megan is tearing up watching his film. Megan tells Kyle that he is inspiring and how much she loved his worked. They have a little makeout sesh in front of the cameras.

So, if we told Josh Henderson he was inspiring, think we’d get a kiss? We can dream!!

Deann can’t let the happy couple celebrate his movie and steps in to remind him of the party he is supposed to go to and the people he needs to speak with. Kyle pulled a Karen Smith with his fake “cough cough. I’m sick.” And we were all for it! You got to do what you gotta do for that alone time!

Disguise time. Yeah, like that could really keep the paparazzi away. A for effort. They get to enjoy a chill and romantical day together exploring Venice. One big question we are all asking ourselves is “Who is Megan Morrison?”. Well, we don’t know all the specifics, but her first concert was a Backstreet Boys concert and is a fan of Hendrix. Sorry to all you N’Sync fans, but is that really a deal breaker? Please say no because Megan seems like a cool girlfriend we would like to have and you should too.

Just when you think Kyle West can’t get any hotter, he takes Megan to a candle lit dinner on a boat! SWOON. He really knows how to spoil a woman and he’s so mysterious. We are intrigued!! Of course, the night would not be complete without a  Kyle West ride!! They need to go back to the hotel or else Deann will freak out (at least it wouldn’t be a Terence freak out). The paparazzi catch them off guard, but Kyle plays it cool and gives them a second take in exchange for some privacy.

The next morning, KyGan is enjoying breakfast and in walks Deann. She goes over their schedules and asks what Megan wants to do. Megan wants to watch films! Duh, it is a film festival. Apparently all the cool kids don’t do that.

Image result for so weird gif

First, they tell our BFF that she can’t watch movies. Then, they tell her she will be at the same table as Kyle’s ex, Lisbeth. UGH. We feel for you girl!

It’s the night of the dinner and Deann receives a call from Annika, the girl who was cheating with douche Nick. She wants to negotiate a new deal and threatens to reveal their secret. Wait, did they plan to break up Nick and Megan? We must know more!! We can keep a secret..haha yeah that is the biggest lie ever. Megan is in a panel for a film and meets the creator of the film, Daisy Parsons. They are quick friends especially since they are from the same town. Maybe she will reveal more about Megan!! Daisy invites her and Kyle out for drinks. Probably has to be pre-approved too.

Megan walks into the hotel room and overhears a conversation between Terence and Kyle. He is “helping” Kyle get ready for seeing Lisbeth again. He tells Kyle to take his feelings and anger towards Lisbeth and put them in his hands. Then he needs to form them into a ball and place them on the bench. Not gonna lie, this was creepy. But we are talking about Terence so no surprise here.

Lights! Camera! Action! Kyle has to take photos for his movie. The camera does love him. Then, Lisbeth walks in and the photographer asks them for a picture together. That is one brave photographer and is lucky Terence wasn’t there. As if things couldn’t get worse, a pic of Megan looking jealous of Kyle and Lisbeth is going viral. Good thing she doesn’t know about it.

Of course, Terence has something to say about the photo. He over analyzes it and wants to come to Venice. He doesn’t think she is right for Kyle. So, who is?? Terence?! After he gets off the phone, he has a surprising visitor…Annika. This girl just doesn’t give up. But what does she want??

It’s the night of the dinner and KyGan is shinning bright like a diamond on that dance floor. Deann interrupts them (again) and let’s Kyle and Lisbeth talk things out. They are supposed to make it look like they are friends. Megan is jealous so is looking for any way to get a distraction. She checks her phone and gets a text from Hope asking for some pics. And the Megan bathroom selfie was born. Girl nailed it!!


Lisbeth walks in and messes with the selfie lighting 😉 Megan being Megan tells Lisbeth how much she likes her work. She is shut down. Lisbeth tells her that they won’t ever be friends or even acquaintances and will end up on her own. We don’t think she was doing it in a mean way, but more of a warning. We would love to ask Lisbeth so many questions about Kyle, Terence, and IHM.

After a long night, KyGan head to their room and Megan wants some more sexy time. This girl has got stamina. She slips out of her dress and Kyle is asleep.


That is a no no, but he is forgiven..for now!

Since, Megan doesn’t get the workout she wanted she had to head to the gym. She ran into Daisy and her friends. She decides to go with them and have a few drinks to celebrate Daisy selling her movie. Her male friend is just saying the wrong things. He congratulates Daisy for earning everything she has accomplished, and is putting oufr girl down. Daisy said she would only sell out for Channing Tatum and not Kyle West. OMG! Has she seen Josh Henderson?? Maybe she missed her last eye appointment.

Megan is leaving, thanks to Daisy’s friend. She is followed by some handsy dude. Megan speaks something in Italian. Not only did we learn that Megan can speak Italian, but she knows how to throw a punch.

Just as Mr. Handsy is getting a little too close for comfort, Kyle comes to the rescue. He starts yelling at Megan and asking why she left the room. Sorry bro but if you fall asleep while your woman is horny all bets are off.

Things accelerated quickly when a pap got involved. Kyle punched him and made a call for help. Was it Deann or Terence? We feel like it was Deann, but Terence is like Bigf Brother..always watching. Deann had the pap paid off and pictures in safe hands.

It’s not surprise when Terence shows up in Venice the next morning. He confronts Megan and asks what made her leave the hotel. She stands her ground and tells him to back off. He shows her the bathroom selfie she took and reminds her that if she doesn’t follow the rules her new life is OVER.

Okay so that was one INTENSE episode! We loved all the KyGan scenes, but we want to know more about the relationship between Kyle and Terence. And also find out more about Kyle’s need for the contract/arrangement. Does he want to protect his heart or is he hiding something?

Let us know your thoughts of episode 2 in the comments.

Don’t forget to watch Episode 3 this Sunday at 10/9c on E!




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Sneak Peek: Shades of Blue Season 2

Good people do bad things

Harlee Santos is back and so is all the SHADE!

There’s only 1 month until the premiere of season 2 of Shades of Blue. I now, it’s been hard waiting. So, watch the first 2 minutes of the show right here.

Don’t forget to watch the season 2 premiere on March 5, 2017 at 10/9c PM.

Let us know your reactions in the comments section.

-Perfectly Perez

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TV Recap: ANTM Cycle 23 Episode 5 ‘Avant Garde’

Things get FIERCE in a grocery store on this weeks episode of ‘America’s Next Top Model’

Following last weeks elimination of Tash, Cody wants to focus on being herself and get away from the “twin thing”. CoryAnne continues to feel like she is the underdog. 

It wouldn’t be ANTM without some girl fights. Not even 10 minutes in to the episode and the drama begins. Paige asks Courtney to get the First Aid Kit, but Courtney doesn’t think she left it there. Kyle lets us know how she really feels 😡

The fabulous Law Roach comes to meet the girls and talk about the importance of personal style. He asks the ladies to describe their style. As the girls are telling him their styles, it’s Krislian’s turn. She describes her style as “ecclectic”. Law is not feeling that at all.
Can always count of Law to keep it real with the ladies. Time for a challenge!! They have 15 minutes to show him their style using their own clothes. This should be interesting!!

Tatiana and Binta killed this challenge. Krislian and Giah had some trouble. Law continues to tell Krislian to try to stop dressing so sexy.  She admitted that she is inspired by JLo, and we can definitely see style similarities. She is one of our faves and hope she can learn to be sexy chic!! 

Our Texas girl Giah really struggled with this challenge. She looked like a fashion mess, but girl did she admit it. Love that she is so open to learning and only getting better! 

It’s time for Law to pick a winner. And the winner is Tatiana..and she didn’t leave empty handed. She got some fabulous shoes that were created by Law and Zendaya. We are in love with DAYA shoes and totally jealous of Tatianna! For more info on the shoes head to


It’s time for a new photoshoot! The ladies arrive at their location…a grocery store in Harlem. They get to work with the amazing Drew Elliot and Nicola Formichetti!! The shoot was inspired by Chanel’s runway show. 

The ladies are getting ready to find out what outfits they get to wear. Nicola meets with each girl to get a sense of who they are and their style. Loved this! Nicola is seriously a fashion genius!!  One of our fave moments is when he met with Courtney. He covered her eyebrows and she said “TAKE THEM OFF”. Nicola said this was pretty common and Courtney was like.. Wait please don’t take off my eyebrow 😱🙏🏼 Never a dull moment with Courtney!

The photoshoot has begun. Cody feels like this is her time to shine and finally separate herself from just being known as the twin. Totally respect that and was amazing to watch her in photo action! She did great! Krislian struggled with the shoot. Her outfit kept getting caught in her headdress and shoes. But no excuses. She wasn’t horrible, but not great either. We think she has so much potential and hopefully she starts showing it! Paige, Binta, India, and Courtney killed it! Giah was struggling. We felt so bad for her. You can see how hard she is trying and it just wasn’t working.  CoryAnne was our fave for this shoot. Her eyes were commanding and the angles she was making with her body were PERFECTION! Kyle was doing her signature face, and Drew wanted more from her. Marissa just took it to another level. Girl started pouring milk on herself and we couldn’t help, but love it. 

Time to see how the ladies did and face the panel. 

India. She is a star in the making.

Krislian. They felt that the clothes were wearing her. Couldn’t agree more.

Binta. She is finding her way to being an editorial model!

Paige showed us what married in the meat aisle is supposed to look like!

Cody. Her photo gave us and Rita goosebumps.

Giah. They saw a beautiful girl, but not a model. We agree, but if she keeps practicing and learning she will be unstoppable!

Marissa. They felt like her personality really shined through. That is hard to do in a photo. Major props girl! 

Courtney. They all agree she looks FAB, but needs to fix the attitude! 

CoryAnne. True definition of a BOSS,

Tatianna. She has it all. She’s got the looks and the smarts to make it in the industry.

Kyle. They believe she is consistent, but needs to mix it up and step out of her comfort zone. Law expresses that he feels like she really isn’t trying which is disrespectful to not only them but to herself.

And best photo goes to.. CORYANNE! 

It’s down to final 3 (Giah, Krislian, and Kyle). Rita stops and tells the rest of the panel that she thinks they are making a mistake.

They deliberate and she is back. Krislian stays, but Rita tells her she NEEDS to come with it next week. 

Giah is eliminated. We areheartbroken. Please don’t stop girl. The potential is there!

This episode was definitely intense. WE ARE OBSESSED WITH THIS PANEL. Drew and Law always make sure the ladies are in check and speak the truth. Rita and Ashley give their honest opinions and remind them about the importance of being a BOSS. Our fave thing about this panel is that you can tell how they genuinely care about the contestants and only want to help them succeed.

Until next week

-Perfectly Perez

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Shooter Season Premiere Review

“Guns chane everything. And a bullet is forever”- Bob Lee Swagger

Shooter had us hooked from the start of the episode. No need to invest in chairs when you watch this show because you will be on the edge of your seat the entire time. Ryan Phillippe portrayed Bob Lee Swagger so perfectly. He made us love him for the way he treated animals and his family, had us captured in research/educated guesses, and had us captivated by at all that SWAGGER. Majore lesson of premiere night we should all know is that YOU DON’T UNDERESTIMATE BOB LEE SWAGGER (did you hear that Jack?).

In the opening sequence, we get a glimpse of the life of hunting: Swagger edition. In less than 5 minutes, he saved a deer, kicked some ass, and gave an “dentist”t a lesson in guns.

As the episode progresses, we get to see Bob Lee Swagger the family man. He is great with his daughter and wife. The location of their house in Virgina was calming, serene, and perfect for the Swagger’s. Hard not to love a man that does the dishes, chooses nature over Wi-Fi, and tells the best stories for Story Time (night vision not included) 😉 Can’t wait to see more of the Swagger’s throughout the season.

After Bob Lee won’t do kung fu on a plank (thanks for trying Mary), we meet Captain Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps). Isaac brings him a case to view. A CIA Agent was shot by a sniper from 1400 yards. The shooter left a note saying that the president would be executed in 21 days. Why did he come to Bob Lee you may ask? Well, they believe it is the same shooter who shot and killed his friend Donny (Rob Brown). Swagger is hesitant and then Isaac throws in the “country needs you” card. We don’t trust this Isaac.

We meet Agent Nadine Memphis (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) when she leads an FBI team to raid a russian mob establishment. Homeland is there at the same time and turns into a big mess. The meeting between her and Isaac felt like a staredown. We give the first round to Isaac, but feel like Memphis will win in the end. She knows her job and like Bob Lee trusts her instincts.

Shooter did a great job with the flashback and research sequences. The flashback sequence that showed what happened to Donny was important to let the fans in and understand him better. Just from that sequence we could tell that he is a loyal man who will do anything he can to protect the ones he cares for. The research scenes had every calculation you could think of and them some. The way the scenes zoned in on locations and measurement was very cool to watch. We get to meet Jack Payne (Eddie McClintock), a Solotov expert,  during one of the research scenes. He is not impressed with Bob Lee and we already don’t care too much for the man. And don’t even get us started on those shooting scenes. The scene where Swagger was testing Solotovs optics was genius. Pumpkins were harmed during the making of the episode and we aren’t even mad. We found ourselves holding our breath and exhaled when he made that 1580 yard shot!

The final sequence was really a joy to watch. Blinking was halted during this time. We knew something was off when Swagger found push pin on the floor. Racing to stop the inevitable was a thrill to watch. Shooter is our favorite new show. We have been fans of USA Network, but this show just makes us love them more. Love that this show is not afraid to push some boundaries yet is genuine to it’s story. It feels like we are watching a live video in the life of Bob Lee Swagger. Hands down the  best premiere of 2016!

The cast was so good. Ryan Phillippe portrayed Bob Lee Swagger so well! We saw the movie with Mark Wahlberg, and no disrespect to the great and talented Mr. Wahlberg, but in one hour we completely forgot about that portrayal. Also major props for making jumping out of a building look graceful 😉 Julie Swagger played by the amazingly talented Shantel VanSanten nailed it. She portrayed a supportive wife who isn’t afraid to call Bob on his bullshit. The daughter, Mary Swagger (Lexy Kolker), is the cutest. Definitely one of our favorites. She gets hangry (like most of us), snitches on her dad, and loves a fun story about war for bed time. Omar Epps was commanding in this episode. Exactly what we can imagine a memeber of secret service team being. With that being said, we still don’t trust Isaac. Agent Memphis played by one of our favorite actresses Cynthia Addai-Robinson had us wanting more from her. We can tell she is not one to be messed with and are looking forward to seeing more of how she handles the SWAGGER situation. Now, Eddie McClintock you have made us dislike and have absolutely no trust in your character in one episde. Job well done. A round of applause to everyone involved in this show. We are proud to say that we are already obsessed with this show. How can we wait an entire week for a new episode? Well, we know it will be worth the wait. Eager to see what Shooter has in store for us this season.

Don’t forget to watch Shooter every Tuesday at 10/9c on USA Network.










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‘Chesapeake Shores’ Ratings Continue to Soar

Chessies and supportive fans are proving how much they love Chesapeake Shores.

It was announced today that Episode 7 was the most watched episode of the season. It also had highest ratings of so far.[¹] Fans, including us, are falling in love with the show even more with each episode. Chesapeake Shores has already had so many accomplishments this season and know the finale will produce even greater statistics.

The highly anticipated finale  “Exes Mark the Spot” is only 2 days away. Get ready and buckle up because it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster. Trace and Abby finally seem to moving in the right direction, but it can’t be that simple right? Jess and Bree have to deal with their whole David situation. Mick is dealing with financial issues, and with everything going on the O’Brien’s have to plan a dinner party. It’s going to be a party to remember. Good or bad? You have to watch to find out!

Get ready to watch and live tweet this Sunday October 9th at 9/8c PM on The Hallmark Channel.

-Perfectly Perez



¹ Nielson, 9/26-10/2/16 (Crown Media Press)

Photo: Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory

Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States 

LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs



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Recap and TV Review: No Tomorrow

Join a gym or watch No Tomorrow? The answer is easy.

CW’s new show “No Tomorrow” is already one of our faves. It follows Evie Callahan (Tori Anderson). She likes to play everything safe and stick to the rules. There is an opening at her job to travel the world to research charities that the company donates to. Her co-workers and friends Hank (Jonathan Langdon) and Kareema (Sarayu Rao) encourage her to talk to her boss about it because they know it’s something she wants to do. Her boss tells her that she is “Not a leader and people don’t listen when she talks.”  She tends to let others influence her life, but things change when she meets the free-spirited Xavier Holliday (Joshua Sasse). Rutabagas are the real MVP. She tells Hank and Kareema the story…again. Evie NEEDSto know more about him. No Hank, she doesn’t need Korean hackers. A package belonging to Xavier was mis-delivered to her house. She strolls her way to his house and learns a couple of things.

1. The world is supposedly ending in approximately 8 months and 12 days.

2. She was WNBA star in a previous life.

Before Evie has a chance to leave Xavier explains his Apocalypse Theory and shows her his Apocalyst. He has written down every thing he has ever wanted to do and wants her to pick one so they can do it together. She needs to get out of there quick. She tells Hank about this weird encounter. He believes the theory, but it won’t be an asteroid that destroys the’s Russians. He even made sure he put in his vacation for that time. And he has an awesome candy stash..just in case. It’s her nephews birthday. Evie’s boyfriend/ex-boyfriend Timothy (Jesse Rath) made quiet quite the entrance. He is the whisper king. He shocks her and proposes on some very padded knees. She tells him she needs time to think about it and heads home. Xavier is there. It’s time for her to pick one thing off the Apocalyst and she picks #88: Take a joyride with Big Carl. It is definitely a scary and thrilling experience for her, and leads to a steamy night together. We are totally shipping Evie and Xavier.. sorry Timothy. Xavier asks what’s one thing she has always wanted to do, but hasn’t yet. She wants to sing in public. She heads into work…late…and wants to make work fun. She lets the workers play basketball after they finish their work. It is a success. Evie goes to the bar with Xavier. She wins a raffle that she didn’t enter and the prize is: the right to rock on stage. She has to sing “Here I Go Again” by her fave Whitesnake. She is struggling and Xavier keeps stripping until she sings. We had no complaints 😉 Damn Evie… Girl can sing! Hank shows up to show her email she sent to Deidre. She didn’t resign. Well, Xavier did for her. Hank threw a deserved drink in Xavier’s face. She calls Timothy and he is there in no time. She tells him everything including Xavier. Timothy tells her how to get her job back. The next day Evie tells Deidre she was hacked. Deidre agrees to give her job back on one condition: help her get a date with Hank. Chemistry between Hank and Deidre?? Evie goes home after work and finds a pogo stick waiting for her. It’s from Xavier. She throws it in the dumpster, but backfires…literally. She has a pogo accident and Xavier calls 911. Who knew a pogo stick accident could save her life. Her doctor tells her that she needs to rush into surgery because found a problem with her heart and it’s beating too fast. She is out of surgery and happy. She knows what to put on her Apocalyst: 1. Tell Timothy the truth 2. Tell Xavier the truth. She tells Timothy that she doesn’t want to marry him and Tells Xavier that there is only one person who will decide how she lives her life and it’s HER. YAS. They both agree that they want to spend more time together. She puts foil in the microwave  like she has always wabted to and almost leads to another steamy night when Jesse (Xavier’s cousin) shows up. He escaped prison.

Review: We love this show and the cast. Evie is just like most of us in the world. Living life only partially and scared to take any risks. Xavier is a refreshing change in her life. We need more Xavier’s in the world. No, not people who belive that the apocalypse is near, but people who aren’t afraid to live and see where life takes them. In the beginning, Evie struggles with wanting to keep everyone happy. She never seems to make a decision for herself. I think we all need a push in our lives to get us to stop being so afraid of what will happen next. In a time like today, where crime and violence seem to be the norm, this show really emphasizes living life to the fullest. Why shouldn’t we enjoy life and live it fully? Comfort zones should be broken daily. The humor makes this show even greater. We love Hank. He says what’s on his mind, whether it’s about the Russians, his candy stash, or Vin Diesel. We also love Kareema and Evie’s friendship. Looking forward to seeing more scenes between them. Tuesday nights are now all about No Tomorrow. We are so captivated by Evie and Xavier. At first, Evie appears to be shy, but then she is a boss when she needs to be. When she is confident in herself she can’t be stopped, especially when it comes to basketball ;). Xavier is so mysterious. He lives life the way he wants to, but he also has a soft side to him. In the flashback scene, we see him really admiring Evie with her family. Can’t wait to find out more about their backgrounds. In this first episode, it was Xavier testing Evie’s limits. Now that she is confident we are excited to see how she challenges Xavier because she might be the only one who can. Thank you to Tori Anderson, Joshua Sasse, Amy Pietz, Sarayu Rao, Jesse Wrath, and Jonathan Langdon for allowing us to fall in love with your characters. 


-Perfectly Perez

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5 Reasons Why We Need a “Chesapeake Shores” Season 2

Sunday nights are dedicated to Chesapeake Shores. Will there be a season 2? We think it’s a must!

5 Reasons why we NEED a “Chesapeake Shores” season 2:

1.The cast is perfect

From episode one, the chemistry between every cast member felt tangible. It’s as if you are watching your own family on TV. Meghan Ory, Treat Williams, Barbara Niven, Diane Ladd, Jesse Metcalfe, Laci J Mailey, Emilie Ullerup, Abbie Magnuson, Kayden Magnuson, Brendan Penny, and Andrew Francis make this show successful. The cast is the reason why so many of us love Nell, are rooting for Trace and Abby, relate to the O’Briens, and fee; like we can’t miss an episode.Thank you to everyone involved in casting because every actor plays their characters beautifully.

2. It’s all about family

We love the authencity of the O’Briens and the show. The writers don’t focus on making sure there is always one big happy family because that’s not real life. Every family has it’s ups and downs, but are there when it counts. For example, when Kevin was injured, the entire family would move heaven and earth to make sure he was okay. You could feel the emotion and can’t help but feel invested in the show. The relationship between Megan and the rest of the family is so necessary and appreciated. It’s not always pretty, but it is a joy to watch her gain the family she once had. Time can heal just about everything and love seeing that happen on Chesapeake Shores.

3. The Music

As Chessies, we can admit that we sing along to the theme song every week and always has us wanting to hear Trace sing.  Trace’s passion for music really shines through and leads to us finding out about his past. Jesse Metcalfe is so talented and the perfect Trace fans could ask for. His voice is amazing and Jesse is so talented. With one performance on the show we were in love. Jesse can you please come out with music..soon?? 🙂

4. It’s one of the most relateable shows on television

The O’Briens are hard not to love. Like we previously said,  this show focuses on family and how they go through their trials and tribulations. We love the O’Brien sisters. They are each different, but all add so much spice to the family. The O’Brien brothers, Connor and Kevin, are equally loveable. Connor and Kevin are a great balance to have. They are both serious when they need to be, but know how to have fun and how to handle some difficult situations. Mick and Megan are great parents. They weren’t always there for their kids even if it was never their intention, but they are trying to fix it. Nell is definitely the peacemaker of the family. It’s hard to be a fan of hers and always has the best advice/words of wisdom. We can find a similarity between each character in the show with someone in our family. We think everyone can. That’s what makes this show so beautiful. We may not be going through the same things as the O’Briens, but family always comes first.

5. Chessies!

The fan base for the show is the best. It’s filled with some of the most loyal and passionate fans we’ve been apart of. We love live tweeting and interacting with fans. It’s amazing to see how excited everyone is for the show. Chessies have made it the #1 program on The Hallmark Channel on Sunday nights!

When (not if) we get the news of a season 2, we will be like this


-Perfectly Perez