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Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway: Jagger by S. Nelson

Let the countdown begin! Jagger by S. Nelson will be here in 1 week and we’re likeImage result for excited gif

As promised, we are excited to be hosting a giveaway. Thanks to the amazing S.Nelson and The Next Step PR, you have the chance to win a signed copy of Jagger and a $15 Amazon gift card! RT tweets with (RT to win), Like/Comment/Share on Facebook giveaway posts, and comment and like on Instagram. You can get bonus entries by completing the following simple steps below:

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  1. Like our page of Facebook –>
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  3. Tweet us using the hashtag #PerfectlyJagger and tell us what your favorite summer read was.
  4. Comment below when you have completed with the word “DONE”

*Contest ends on Wednesday September 14 at Noon EST. US residents ONLY*

This will be book #3 in the  Knights Corruption MC Series. If you haven’t already, read book #1 (Marek) and book #2 (Stone) so you can be ready and all caught up for Jagger. Can’t wait for this release and know many of you are also anxiously waiting to read book 3. Here is an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from Jagger.

A sharp pain in my side shoved me back into the heat of the fight. The kid in front of me was two years younger and certainly not as skilled, even though he’d just managed to catch me off guard. But it wouldn’t happen again. I knew his weaknesses—his left knee, for one. He’d hurt it badly a year back and unfortunately for him, I was gonna make him relive that excruciating pain. The other obstacle working against him was that he was a known drug addict, fighting strictly for money to fuel his demons. While he possessed some talent, he wasn’t focused or disciplined. Two things working in my favor right then.

Locking eyes with the guy who would give me my next win, I faked an uppercut, drawing his attention to my hand while my foot shot out and connected with his previously injured knee. As soon as his leg bent in the wrong direction, I knew the fight was over, but just to lock in the victory I finished him off with my infamous right hook.

He never saw it coming.

And I never expected for my hit to be the final blow.

The final action which stripped his soul from this life.

An unnerving sound reverberated in the air around me. No one else heard it, but the crackling noise boomed inside my ears, pounding so fiercely inside my head I thought for sure everyone knew what I’d just done.

I hadn’t meant to.

All I’d wanted to do was make sure I remained at the top of my game. There was no saving him, though. I jumped back and watched his body free fall in slow motion. His head hung from his shoulders while his body twisted in an awkward position, his legs bending while the pull of gravity embraced him.

So many people cheered, the applause and shouts making me feel as if my ears were bleeding.  My heart pounded inside my chest so fiercely I feared I was gonna join him in the afterlife if I didn’t get a fucking grip on my new reality.

Blood poured from his nose and mouth, but there was no other sign of life emanating from him.

He’d broken his neck. Or rather, I’d broken his neck.

His body lay limp on the ground.

Not a twitch.

Not a breath.

No hope whatsoever that it was all a bad dream.


He was dead.

I’d killed him.

-Perfectly Perez


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