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TV Recap: ‘Younger’ Season 4 Episode 10 ‘A Novel Marriage’

Charles and Liza fans were left wanting more last episode and this episode  continues to mess with our emotions.

Marriage Vacation, Pauline’s novel, is already anticipated to be a must read of summer. Charles, Liza, Diana, and Kelsey are discussing promotion and chapters of the book. The first 5 chapters are already edited. This seems to make Charles realize that millions of people will read this book. 
After the meeting Diana has a quick chat with Liza. Tells her that this book could make or break her. She has seen Liza grow and thinks it’s nice to see her focus on her work instead of boys. It’s moments like these when I really love Diana. 

Another meeting. This time it’s with Charles, Liza, and Pauline. Totes not awkward.

Kelsey gets a call from Lauren. She wants her to meet at The Nest.  It’s an exclusive place where you want to be if you’re networking. Kelsey invited Liza and Pauline.

Josh and Clare are at his apartment playing a video game that she helped make.  Kelsey walks in and notices the place is cleaner than before. All thanks to Clare. She wants to impress Josh’s friends because she really wants their relationship to work out.

Ethan, Richard’s son, is still living with Diana. Diana keeps complaining him about it, but knows how to shut her up..if you know what I mean 😉

The ladies are at The Nest. Pinx have taken over. Don’t know what they are? Well, I’ll let you in on the secret. They are PERIOD PANTIES. 

Louise, the owner of Pinx, is so ready to read Pauline’s book. She wants to throw her a book party. Pauline invites Liza to come and she can’t say no. Pauline tells Liza that things might be headed in right direction with Charles and reveals that Charles wanted to take her off the book.

Liza is going to party with Pauline. She is noticing they are more alike than she originally thought. They are both stuck in lives they wanted to change and are actually changing them. It’s time for the big book party. I knew it was going to be awkward, but can all of Pauline’s friends stop saying they wish Charles and Pauline got back together.

Liza goes to get some fresh air and sees Charles. He’s smoking. Like what?? So much I still don’t know about Charles, but having fun finding out. Liza confronts him about the possibility of getting back with Pauline. He tells Liza, that isn’t happening and looking out for what’s best for her. He doesn’t want to publish the book, but will so it can help Liza’s career. 

Kelsey goes back to th Nest and sees Lauren…in the same outfit. That never happens. Lauren admits she was fired. It’s their loss girl. Lauren is sad, but failure isn’t an option.  

Back at the party, Liza sees Jay. He admits he wanted to see her again. Liza said he was terrific..yep Friend zoned. As if Hingis couldn’t get any more awkward, Liza runs into Caitlyn’s best friends parents. Jay comes in to save the day. They pretend to be together and make he great escape. But Charles sees them walking away together. His face seriously broke my heart.

Clare is at the bar. She tells Josh that the company she is doing internship for won’t be offering her a job. That means she has 1 week until she goes back to Ireland.

To end the night, Jay walks Liza home. He goes in for the kiss and misses. Her hair got a peck tho 😝. Liza goes in this time and they kiss. NOOOOOOOOO!


The Younger writers continue to mess with my emotions. Like can Charles and Liza finally have a shot?? I would have to give this episode an ALRIGHT because it just didn’t give me enough. It was a little all over the place and rushed. I have no doubt that the episodes will be better as the season goes on.

Can’t wait to catch a new episode next Wednesday at 10/9C on TVLand.

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TV Recap: ‘Younger’ Season 4 Episode 9 ‘The Incident at Pound Ridge’

The big company picnic was supposed to be fun and games. Guess Josh didn’t get the memo. 

Read our recap below to find out how it all went down! 

Josh was at the bar with Claire. He was being super sweet and charming waiting there until she got off work. He tells her he wants to take her on proper date.

Everyone at Empiral is having a serious meeting…about adult coloring books. Seriously who doesn’t love those things?! 
After the meeting, Diana reminds Charles about the company picnic that he is supposed to be hosting. He forgot and puts Diana in charge. Diana is going big this year and taking a step on the wild side because she decides to have..wait for it…Asian Slaw.

The picnic should be fun. Oh wait, Pauline is invited. YIKES!

Charles talking to a fried about Pauline. His friend asks if Charles is going to take her back. He admits there’s someone else. 

Pauline is having lunch with Liza. Pauline tells her thinks Charles is dating someone. If she only knew..

Kelsey walks by Josh’s tattoo shop. She gets an idea. He would be perfect for the adult coloring book designs and he has an exclusive copyright on his tattoos. And there’s a $10,000 advance. 😱👍🏼

Josh finally takes Claire on a “proper date”. The conversation is going smoothly and it’s about to get spicy. Claire tries jalapeño peppers and I’m impressed. She handled that Loco jalapeño like a boss. 
Things got spicy at dinner and it’s time for them to take it to the bedroom. They are making out when Josh says his dick is burning. Jalapeño dick is real. 😂😂 Josh was trying everything he could think of to get the burning to stop and the cure is yogurt. Kelsey, I’d stay away from yogurt for a while.

The next morning,  Kelsey goes to the apartment and walks in on Claire and Josh. She has good news. She tells josh he got the book deal and they can celebrate at the picnic. He doesn’t want to go and see Charles after what happened in the Hamptons. He tells Claire what happened.

It’s time for the picnic. Diana did a fabulous job. Josh and Claire show up. Diana notices Josh has a date and when Liza admits she set them up she is shocked to say the least. Will Josh be on his best behavior?

Pauline shows up. She sees her daughters and they go to Liza. I can sense the jealousy. She still hasn’t put it together that the other woman is Liza, but I’m sure time will tell. Pauline is walking around the house and it brings backs so many memories. Pauline keeps asking Liza if there is someone else. Girl chill out. 

Let the Potato sack games begin. Josh and Charles were tied. Who’s gonna win? Well, they fell before they crossed the finish line. Charles tries to help Josh up and Josh punches him.

Josh admits it was worth losing $10,000! 

Liza goes to check on Charles. That leads to another sexy AF make out sesh. He tells her, “Don’t go home tonight”. Instead of Liza just saying yes, she tells him everything’s changed.

Josh and Claire go back his apartment. She took the night off. Goodbye jalapeño dick. 

Back at the picnic Kelsey asks why Josh hit Charles. Liza admits what happened in the Hamptons. Kelsey gives Liza some real advice. “Sleeping with the boss doesn’t end well” 

That episode was so jam packed. It was awkward like no other. So many secret just waiting to be revealed. We give tonight’s episode a YAS rating. 

Don’t forget to watch a new episode next Wednesday at 10/9C on TVLand!

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TV Recap: ‘Younger’ Season 4 Episode 2 ‘Gettin’ Hygge With It’

Liza and Kelsey’s friendship continues to be on the rocks and things get worse when Liza finds out about Kels becoming Josh’s roommate. 

Liza and Maggie are taking a stroll. They start talking about Kelsey and Josh. Someone saw Kels going to Josh’s apartment and they want to know what’s going on.

Josh and Kels are having breakfast but what to eat?? 

Lauren goes to Josh’s apartment. She wants to see if the rumors are true. She catches Kels and asks if she ishooking up with Josh. Of course, Kelsey says she is just a roommate, but Lauren isn’t buying it.

Maggie goes to get coffee and gets a little more. She meets a cute barista, Montana, who also happens to be a fan. And let the flirting games begin! 

Liza is at work and goes to see Charles in his office. WTF is he doing on the floor? Oh, it’s just his back. Liza being th nice person that she is begins massaging his back. Just a warning: Fan will be needed due to the level of HOTNESS going on! 🔥🔥

Liza get a delivery. It’s flowers for Kelsey. Liza gives them to Kels and they are an apology from Colin. He needs to do more than that to make it right… just saying! Liza tries to break the ice and asks if Kels found a place to stay.  Kelsey admits she has a new place, but leaves out the part of living with Josh. 

A meeting is going down at the office. Diana is discussing a  new book Gettin’ Hygge With It. The focus should be on the book, but the conversation switches to memes. Nobody seems to know what it is, except Kelsey 😂. May we never forget Salt Bae. Kelsey seriously can’t believe how blind she was when it came to Liza and her age.

Maggie goes back  for seconds at the coffee place. Maggie makes a move and Invites Montana to her place…to check out her art…DUH 😉

Liza and Diana shopping. Even she wants to know what happened with her relationship with Josh. Moral of the story, body pillows are for single women. 

Kels meets Colin along with Lauren and Max. The place is a BDSM club 🔥. Kelsey takes Colin to a private room to get “punished/a mean spanking” for what he did. All we got to say is Kelsey sure has an arm on her 👊🏼💪🏼

Liza is carrying her body pillow that she doesn’t really need when she runs into Josh. He walks away. Doesn’t want to talk about it. No bae, don’t run!

Liza is setting up for the party at Diana’s house. Charles is at the party in a turtleneck.. yes he still looks HOT 🔥❤️.  Kelsey arrives and brings Colin. She is introducing him to Charles when he decides to mention that his 2nd book option was dropped.  

Maggie is at her place with Montana. She is about to make a move when Montana says she is straight. BUMMER.

It’s about to go down. Kels and Liza find themselves in a bathroom letting it all out. Liza tries to tell Kels that she really cares about her and doesn’t think Colin is right for her. Kels is annoyed and tells her she doesn’t know anything. Meanwhile, Diana is eavesdropping like. 

Liza asks the big question: Why is Kelsey living with Josh.  Kelsey tells her that she is the only person who understands what she’s going through. Kels and Colin leave. And Colin has the balls to just leave our girl at the curb. Hell to the NO! Someone better hold us back before he gets whooped..again 😂

Kels goes back to the apartment. Two stepping party going on and Kels just heads to her room. Josh checks on her and asks how she’s doing. She feels like she has lost her ability to judge people characters. Josh is tired of hearing about LIESa. He drags her out of the room and forces her to have some fun. 

So, still don’t know how to feel about Josh and Kels living under the same roof. Definitely feel like they have chemistry and excited to see where it goes. All I know is that Charles and Liza are both single…so it’s time to get it on and poppin’ ❤️❤️

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How to Throw the Ultimate Queen of the South Viewing Party


Hosting a party is no easy task, but more like a skill. It takes time, organization, and creativity. I love throwing TV watch parties. Planning my first watch party was not easy and I had some epic fails! With time I learned from my mistakes and began to improve. I wasn’t born great at hosting parties, but over time, and as I gained confidence, I became the Queen of Entertaining.

With summer upon us, it is the perfect time to throw a TV watch party. What better TV show than Queen of the South on USA Network. So send out those invitations to your squad and get your TV ready because I’m going to give you the best ideas on throwing a TV watch party to remember. Who’s ready to SLAY and be a Queen of Entertaining?

Here are 5 ways to Make Your Watch Party Memorable:

1. Invitations: Send out a creative invitation to your squad with all details to amp up the overall excitement for your watch party.

qos22. Seating: Pick a spacious area in your home, so every guest can sit comfortably. Provide cute pillows and blankets so everyone is comfy while watching. Make sure to turn off bright lights and keep it dim in the room to prevent any glare on the TV.



3. Food: Food makes everyone happy right? Keep the food simple and easy. Think of simple foods that pertain to the show of your choice. For example, check out our Camila Chalupas.


4. Drinks: Create a drink bar with refreshing drinks served with fresh fruits. Serve a variety of drinks to suit all guests including non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Check out our strawberry and orange sangria, Trouble in Paradise, inspired by Teresa Mendoza.


5.Games: Create printable games like BINGO to play throughout the episode. Also if your guests are 21 and over you can play a drinking game. For example, drink every time Teresa is stuck in a bad situation. These games will help keep the party fun, and interactive, even during commercials.

Now that you are ready to be a Queen of Entertaining, have you heard of USA Network’s Queen of the South? If you haven’t here is a quick recap:

The show follows a woman named Teresa Mendoza, who is played by the incredibly talented Alice Braga. Teresa lives a hard life in Mexico, and her life becomes even more complicated and troublesome when she falls in love with a member of the drug cartel. Just when things in her life are looking up, she is thrown for a loop and her boyfriend is murdered. She constantly has to watch her back, use her wit and intelligence, and join alliances with a person from her past that is both powerful and scary. All just to survive one day at a time and stay hidden from the man that could bring her down with one snap of his finger. She finds herself going deeper and deeper in the world of the drug cartel, but will she ever be free?

After binge watching a few episodes I was hooked. This is the first time I have seen a story like this with strong women playing characters that are normally played by men. These characters are strong, fierce, and Queenpins. If you don’t know, you will remember the name, Teresa Mendoza! Like Teresa, we can use our skills to be the Queen of what we choose. So, what are you the Queen of?

 If you haven’t seen Queen of the South, you can binge watch season 1 on Netflix. When you are all done, you can watch every Thursday night on USA Network at 10/9C.


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TV Recap: ‘The Arrangement’ Season 1 Episode 6 ‘Control’


This week is full of drama, sex, and decisions.

Image result for drama gif

Let’s get into it!

Kyle’s assistant Zach has done some shopping. He even put the groceries in the fridge. That is right up there with having your man do the dishes! And he even bought Kyle some clothes to add to his wardrobe. Megan and Kyle are enjoying a mid morning snack. Yes, an actual snack. Get your head out of the gutter people 🙂 And then Kyle gets an Ebay package…Roller skates.  “La di dottie e my boyfriend is a hottie. He’s taking me for a ride in his maserati” Megan always perfect with those song skills. Dun dun dun!!!  Lisbeth calls. Kyle doesn’t answer. SMART MOVE!

Kyle and Terence talking at IHM. Kyle tells him about Lisbeth’s call. She wanted to warn him about interview she is doing on a radio show. Aww how sweet of her. Just kidding. We do not trust that girl ONE BIT.

Megan is at rehearsals.  Megan continues to tell Nate how she feels about the play and isn’t afraid to give him criticism. Leslie, her agent, can tell that there is something between Megan and Nate.  She accuses her of cheating and reminds her that it’s not part of the contract. Is Megan still hanging around Nate because she feels jealous about Kyle and Lisbeth? We don’t think so, but we can’t handle it if she really has feelings for this guy.

Deann is on a call in her car and Annika surprises her. Quickie? Sure, they are game. Until, Annika started to really choke Deann. We can’t handle Annika and not sure if Deann can either.

Megan goes to Kyle’s place. She is listening to the Roger Boyd radio show and listens to her say nothing but nice things about Kyle. So, why did she break his heart? Girl, just move on and let KyGan be happy!! Kyle admits that Lisbeth warned him about the radio show. Megan thinks she did it on purpose. We totally agree too! They almost get into a fight, but Kyle reminds her that she is the center of his world. SWOON ❤ Nothing can come between them. Just trust him. Should she trust Kyle??

Deann is meeting with Adam. She seems to still be stuck on Annika because when she looks at a magazine she can’t stop looking at a female model. Then, an a female employee walks by and she is STARING bad at those legs. Deann, you can wipe the NOW!

Terence is at IHM watching a class perform an intimacy exercise. The detective is back. Sohpie Marchuck’s body has been found. She is going in on Terence. She asks if he can help with the case, before they find anything.

Megan is back at rehearsals. Nate tells her “15 more”. Uh..what? Oh, it’s the number of days left until the play and Nate leaves. Yay, leave Nate. PLEASE!!! He feels like his life is ticking down to 0. DRAMATIC MUCH! He admits their kiss was inconvenient, but should have happened. He wants her to leave Kyle and move with him to New York? Megan storms off like the actress she is! He gets in her car like a total stalker asking for a ride home. He is basically begging for them to go back to the desert for 1 night to see if their connection is real. BAM. They were hit by a car. It’s the same car that Megan saw following her in the last episode.

She goes to Kyle’s and tells him about seeing the same car. She asks if Terence is having her followed. He says that Terence would tell him. But would he?

Image result for no gif

Terence is talking to Connor at IHM. He asks if he believes there is “Value in what we do?” Connor says of course like a good IHM boy. Terence doesn’t understand how failed him so badly because he was supposed to keep him informed on the Sophie Marchuck situation.  Turns out that Connor’s status reports were lies. Why? Terence tells him they have to fix this situation and sacrifices have to me made. INTENSE. And then Kyle walks in and tells him to back off Megan. Seems so redundant. When will they learn? Terence only listens to one person…and that is TERENCE!

Lisbeth shows up at Kyle’s. Lisbeth tells him she loves him and always will. He reminds her that she was the one that left. They kiss. She regrets leaving, but regret doesn’t change anything. She totally respects that..haha yeah right! She tells him to stay away from Terence if he wants KyGan to work. But she doesn’t fail to tell him the hotel she is staying at. You can always count on Lisbeth to keep it classy.

Terence is with Connor. Everything is just to much for him. Connor shoots himself.

Image result for shocked reaction

Terence always finds himself next to drama.

Kyle on the Gwen Byers show. Gives her an AWOL onesie. OMG WE NEED ONE! They talk about Lisbeth and her interview on that radio show. He then focuses on Megan. He says that Megan is his present and future. AWWW. Gwen then asks about his directing. Enough about business talk, it’s time to have fun. She brings out a special suprise…the roller skates. Meanwhile, Megan gets a text from Nate. Dude, give up she is TAKEN (not like Liam Neeson Taken, but we are sure Kyle has those particular set of skills). Kyle really has skills. He can even limbo in roller skates. Totally hot!!

KyGan is taking a nice ride on a beautiful day. Kyle brings up his talk with Terence and him backing off the stalking. He tells her that her car was fixed. YAY! Wait. No he didn’t. He bought Megan a Maserati. Boyfriends around the world just give up because Kyle West already won Boyfriend of the Year! It’s such a happy day. And then Kyle and Nate meet. It would be awkward if Kyle knew what happened. But he doesn’t and let’s keep it that way!

Terence and detective meet at the Friendly Restaurant. She tells him more about the evidence they have found. Terence asks how much she wants to make this go away. She wants something, but it’s not money.

Terence goes to Kyle’s. Tells him he and the institute are in trouble. Terence admits that the detective is outside his influence and has something on us “the institute”. Kyle wants to know what it is, but Terence says better if he doesn’t know the details. Terence reminds Kyle that his well being is important to him, but he needs to have sex with the detective for 2 hours. Terence is not asking. Way to pimp out your supposed friend Terence. And Detective Gaffey, you have a fantasy about being with Kyle West. Well sweetheart join the club!

Megan is driving her new car and Kyle calls. She knows how to answer the call. So proud. She tells him how kind and pure his is. Well, he won’t be so pure in a few hours…just saying 😉

Deann goes to see Adam. He says ‘The Resistance’ movie deal is over.  We don’t think Kyle is going to be happy. When shit hits the fan, just let Deann handle it.

She goes to handle it..oh but why is she at Annika’s? She is tired of thinking. She is just going to lie down and let Annika do whatever she wants. Well, damn.

Kyle goes to room 213 and meets with the Detective. Terence is watching. Totally not creepy at all.

And it happens to be the day of the play. Kyle just finished with  detective. YUCK. He goes to Megan’s play and is tearing up. The tears were probably caused by his “time” with the detective, but it could have been Megan’s performance. She nailed it!

WOW! We need a drink. That was a loaded episode. So much was happening and our heart was breaking for KyGan. Can they make it through some rough patches?? Fingers crossed.



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TV Recap: ‘The Arrangement’ Season 1 Episode 5 ‘Temptation’


This week’s episode opens with Kyle speaking at the Central LA Youth Center. He admits that he was an orphan. Terence and Megan are watching and starts asking Megan questions. He asks if Megan has though more about taking a workshop at IHM. He tells her it’s a good way to be closer to Kyle.

Image result for eye roll gif

Kyle is back to work and on set. Terence tells Kyle about getting Megan to attend an intro workshop, but Kyle wants to talk to her. Deann goes to Terence. She has noticed that something is bothering Kyle. He has already had the writers change the script 3 times.  What’s wrong Kyle? You can tell us and lean on our shoulder any day 😉

Megan is at rehearsals at the Innovation West Theatre. Megan is running lines for a play. Megan isn’t feeling the script and lets the director know. They have a break and Kyle surprises her. Isn’t he the sweetest?

Kyle and Megan go to lunch. Hot dogs for the win! He tells Megan that he thinks it would be a good idea if she took the intro workshop. Kyle thinks she will like it. Meanwhile, Kyle’s phone is blowing up with texts from a mysterious woman named Drea. The texts read:

“Kyle, answer me! Stop ignoring me. Need to see u ASAP. Usual place.”

The KyGan lunch date is over and Megan goes to see Shaun and Hope. (Side note: Ugh, we are so annoyed that Hope is still pretending to be Megan’s best friend. Girl, own up to your fakeness!!) They are having drinks and Shaun admits that she has been to the workshop. Hope is not having it. Thinks it’s just brain wash. We might agree with Hope..just this one time!

It’s late at night and Kyle is secretly meeting a woman. It is Drea, the one who was texting him earlier. It turns out that she is his half sister. Shocked? Yeah, us too. She tells him their father is dying. And he tells her to stop contacting him. We are surprised considering that his dad supposedly died already. Anyways, someone is taking pictures of their meeting. Who is the sneaky person?

Terence is at IHM and looking at pictures on his computer. They are pictures of Kyle meeting with his half sister Drea. Deann walks in and wants to know what’s bothering Terence. He is upset that Kyle’s family has contact with him. He admits that he paid Kyle’s family to get them out of his life and build a better narrative. He is upset with the decisions Kyle is making and need Kyle to realize that he can’t just do whatever he wants. Umm..about that…

Image result for yes i can gif

James is teaching the intro workshop. Megan is in attendance. He asks class to picture a person who has held them back the most and write them a letter. Megan looking at others not knowing where to start. As she is about to leave for the day, she chats it up with a fellow classmate, Nina. This girl sure wants to know a lot about Kyle West. We are keeping our eyes on you!

Megan realizes she is late for rehearsals and rushes her way to the Innovation West Theatre. As soon as she arrives, the director admits that he wrote new lines. Well, we guess Nate can take constructive criticism.

Deann is meeting with Annika. She read her script and thinks it is good. Of course, Deann has a few notes to add, but she wants to keep husband out of this. Deann finds  Annika the script attractive. We don’t know what the hell is going on between these two.

Megan goes to Kyle’s place. No, he isn’t talking to himself. Okay, maybe a little. He is trying to re-write the script for his new project. They can’t all be like Megan and demand a better script 😉 Megan tells Kyle that she thought the workshop was amazing. She asks if he wants to go to a bonfire in Topanga with everyone involved with the play. Kyle is still not liking the script and tells her he can’t go. He expects her to stay with  him. Megan is still going. This totally could have turned into a fight, but KyGan handles the situation like adults. He admits that he is just bummed he has to stay home and work.

Megan is at the bonfire. Everyone is going around saying what they think about when they have to cry for a scene. Megan says it’s just like a switch. Yep, she is uber talented. A girl cries about a childwho died.  She carried him for 9 months and she was going to name him Patrick. So sad.

Kyle is writing. Amelia Briggs comes over.  Terence is calling and he declines. Kyle asks the Amelia if she believes in redemption. Girl is getting too close.

Image result for back off my man gif

Megan is still at bonfire talking to the director, Nate (Rowan Schlosberg). He thinks it’s going to be a “bloody disaster”. Owen (Darren Adams) can’t take direction and he is also a lead actor. The drinks and “medical mary jane” are flowing and add in a bonfire, yep it’s about to go down.  Nate kisses Megan. She is kissing him back. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! She leaves and realizes what she had done. Please don’t be another girl to break Kyle’s heart. She notices that someone is following her, but who??

Time to wake up. She has another class at IHM and is running late. Shaun calls. Tells her about kiss with director and how she thinks someone is following her. No, she is not paranoid. Stalking is real. Back to fun times at IHM. James asks the attendees who woke up without an alarm. Megan raises her hand.

Image result for liar gif

Everyone is to partner up and share something surprising about themselves as long as its true. Nina and Megan pair up. Megan admits she didn’t wake up on time. Nina tells her that is to obvious and asks her to tell her about Kyle West. Hmm..They take a bathroom/snack break and Nina drops her purse. A voice recorder fall out. Aha! We knew something was suspicious. She admits that she is a journalist doing undercover piece on IHM. She wants to expose IHM and tell the truth about what happens at the institute. Will Megan help her take IHM down?

Kyle is back on set. He shows his newly written script to Deann. She is honest with him and tells him they can’t shoot it. Kyle feels like script give his character Seth humanity. Deann tells him wrote Seth and making him avoid reality. No more time for delays. He needs to do whatever he needs to do to get his head straight.

So, Kyle goes to visit his father in the hospital. His father knows he made mistakes and wasn’t a role model, but did the best he could. Kyle isn’t having it and gives him a check. It’s the last one.

Back at IHM. Everyone is in a circle and talking. Secrets no longer control them. James shows them his inner wrist. Didn’t want to show the world, but he did it and is stronger. An employee comes in and asks for Nina. They get her purse and find the recorder. Did Megan snitch?

Kyle is shooting an intense scene.  He is shooting a scene where he is killing off someone.  The scene is over, but Kyle still looks so emotional. This is one thing we love about Josh Henderson. He is able to portray so many characters in this show and does it beautifully. Major props to Josh! Makes this show that much better. Okay, enough of our lovefest 😉

We find out that Megan was the one who told Terence. She didn’t think secrets should be shared. Wait! Why is Nina is in Terence’s office. She was working with him the entire time. Was it a test? Did Megan pass?

It’s time for Megan to share her darkest secret. Terence is watching from his desk. She tells the story that girl at bonfire told about baby. Why is she lying and what is she hiding??

Terence gets a call that Kyle’s father died. Kyle admitted the truth about paying for his father’s medical bills. Terence needs to say thank you to Deann. Nobu it is.

Megan is backat rehearsals. Nate tells her that it was a mistake, but he doesn’t mean it. Does she have feelings for him or was it a mistake? Kyle is at the theatre waiting for Megan. Good thing he didn’t overhear their convo because he is not doing so well. He looks like he needs a few hugs.

Such a good episode! This entire time we have been asking what Kyle is hiding, but Megan isn’t that forthcoming either. Are these two meant to be together? Is she playing Kyle? Will either ever tell the truth? We just have to keep watching. And things look like they are going to continue to be juicy and filled with drama.

Don’t forget to watch every Sunday at 10/9C on E!




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TV Recap: ‘The Arrangement’ Season 1, Episode 3 ‘The Leak’


Last week, KyGan was in Venice living the life. Kyle was getting a great response from his movie at the film festival and Megan was enjoying the adventure. KyGan was Hollywood’s new IT couple. Everything was going great until they ran into Kyle’s ex, Lisbeth. They moved past it and had some great make up sex.

Now, in this week’s episode they are having some relationship struggles both personally and professionally. Can they make it through the hard times?

The opening sequence showed Kyle and Megan hosting a party for the Change of Clothes Foundation. Kyle and Megan are introducing the foundation and what it’s all about. Of course, KyGan is looking super HOT and cozy. And then everyone’s phones are going off. Everyone is looking at Megan and Shaun pulls her aside to shows her something on her phone. What is it?. Oh the suspense!

We are taken back to 2 hours prior to the party. The girls (Megan, Shaun, and Hope) are pulling up to Kyle’s house and Megan is on the phone with Leslie. She informs Megan that the deal for her movie role with Kyle is still not done and is taking longer than expected. The girls arrive and Kyle is charming everyone. Sucking up to Megan’s friends was a success. I mean really who doesn’t love Kyle West.. Lisbeth don’t even comment.

Hope and Shaun are new to the Hollywood world so are a little nervous. Kyle has a great idea. He wants to introduce Hope to the director of his film, Andres. Hope doesn’t want to. So, what does Megan do? Give Hope an ultimatum. Meet Andres or meet Terence. I think we all know who she picked..and if you think she choose Terence like why??

Shaun is trying to figure out who to talk to and trying not to get recruited by anyone at IHM. She meets James, a worker for IHM and they are hitting it off.

We meet Adam Westfield.

adam w

He is definitely good looking, but we don’t like that he is trying to replace Megan in her big movie. He thinks ‘The Kill Plan’ will do better if the female role is played by a well known actress. Adam talks to Kyle and he just earned some more boyfriend brownie points. He lets Terence and Adam know that there will be no movie if Megan isn’t in it.

Megan is stealing everyone’s heart and Hope is how do we put this nicely..being annoying. People aren’t receiving her the way she imagined and is throwing a big hissy fit.

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She makes a scene and Kyle tries to get her away from the crowd. He gets his assistant to take her home. She isn’t about that life. She hits on Kyle and he flat out turns her down.

We are back to the opening scene. We find out that nudes of Megan were leaked and are going viral. How will Megan handle this and who leaked them??

As if things couldn’t get any worse, Leslie tells her that there is a morality clause in her contract. If the movie execs feel like she leaked them herself, her role is dunzo (in Kristin Cavallari voice).

She searches her name on the Internet and is reading all the hateful comments. Kyle is trying to make this go away, but first needs to find out who leaked them. He calls Deann and asks if Adam knew about the morality clause. He did!  Was it him?

Megan is in bad shape so Kyle whisks her away to an exotic location. And when we say exotic location we mean a cabin in the woods. There is no cell phone reception and no Internet. Yeah, we’re like

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He takes Megan around the woods and leads her to a river. He is trying to help and reminds her that ‘Life is always moving’.

Back in La La land, Deann and Leslie have lunch.. no wine for you D! They have a discussion about the photos. Deann thinks everything will blow over and Leslie has a plan in case it doesn’t. She thinks Deann leaked the photos, but denies. We think Leslie and Deann should team up because they are badass and intimidating AF.

Back to the outdoors. Kyle and Megan are kissing and Megan pulls away. She feels like Kyle has checked out and is upset. They have an argument and things go from mini fight to bitch get out my face real quick. Megan told Kyle that she could see why Lisbeth left him. That was a low blow. Girl go get your man and apologize!

Kyle continues to sweep Megan off her feet. That is true, but Megan tripped and fell in the woods looking for Kyle. She apologizes and he admits that he was upset about the nudes being leaked. He was just scared of getting his heart broken again. He saw the way she smiled and it was the same way she smiled at Kyle in Mexico. If this didn’t make you want to hug  Kyle, do you even have a heart? Megan tells Kyle she loves him and vice versa. Oh My KYGAN!! This scene gave us feels for days.

Megan wants to take control of the situation and pose naked in the woods. It’s not quite right.. yet.


Kyle goes to see Terence and tells him that the morality clause is dead. He admires how Megan turned this negative into a positive. It’s honesty time. Kyle admits that he thinks Terence leaked the pics and tells him he is team KYGAN. He likes seeing Kyle happy.

Kyle and Megan have an interview set up to talk about their twist on the nudes in the woods on Good Day with Renee. Shit is about to hit the fan because Megan finds out that she is being replaced by another actress, Emilia Briggs. Everyone wants to cancel the interview, but Megan is determined to do it. She puts on a happy face and looks into the camera and says ” I can choose not to feel powerrless and I will never do that again.”

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Shaun and Hope are having drinks and Hope admits that she is the one who leaked the photos. And the award for fakest best friend goes to.. HOPE!

Megan is at home declining all of Ky;e’s calls. Deann shows up. She tells her that they aren’t always going to be the women behind the men.

Detective Gaffey of the LAPD shows up to IHM. There is a missing person .. Sophie Merchuck.


The preview for next weeks asks the question: “Did Megan audition for a role for a movie or to play the girlfriend of Kyle West?”

Can’t wait for Episode 4